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Silva praised China f▓or pursuing inclusiveness development with no one left behind, and Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, an expert on internat▓ional security from Britain, believed no danger▓s were detected in Chinese investment and that B&R coo▓peration is transparent.Nothing could better exem▓plify the success of the initiative than the sig▓nificant traction enjoyed by the BRI.To date, 126 countries and 29 international organizations have concluded BRI-related cooperation agreements w▓ith China, including Italy, a member of the Grou

p of Seven.There is no single dominant party, but equal participants; no o

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perations under the table, but openness and transparency;▓ no "winner taking it all," but mutual benefits and a

▓ win-win situation, said Wang Yiwei, a professor with R▓enmin University

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of China.Furthermore, the projects u▓nder the Belt and Road framework are in line with the basic norms of inter

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said Erik Solhe▓im, former executive director of United Nations En▓vironment Programme.GEOPOLITICAL STRATEGY VS. GLOBAL PUBLI▓C GOODSWith its growing popularity, the BRI is blamed by some with ulterior motives as on▓e of China's instruments in its geopolitical conflicts with other major countries.In fact, as one of the most well-known international public go▓ods and platforms for global cooperation, the initiative a▓ims to achieve co

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mmon prosperity rather than boost the so-called "Chinese clout.""China does not have a clique of allies to cajole or enemies to coerce. The Belt and Road construction is aimed at achieving the common development of all countries rather than seeking spheres of political influence," said Wang Yiwei.He said the BRI is not like Marshall Plan, and China is n▓ot trying to buy friends. "No political conditions have be▓en imposed on partici

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pants in the initiative, nor is it ideologically oriented," Wang added.It should be noted that many countries and regions actively dovetailed the BRI with their own development plans, ranging from the EU's Junker Investment Plan to the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity, the▓ Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union, Turkey's Mi▓ddle Corridor projects, and Kazakhstan's Bright Path.BRI-related investments can lift up to 34 mil

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lion people from moderate poverty with respect to the baseline, among whom 29.4 million are from countries and regions along the BRI route, according to a recent World Bank report.Thanks to the accelerated Belt and Road cooperation, the Maldives had its first inter-island bridge, Belarus was enabled to prod▓uce passenger vehicles, and the landlocked Kazakhstan was connected to the Pacific Ocean via the

logistics base in China's Lianyungang city.Chan▓gyong Rhee, director of the International Monetary Fund Asia and Pacific Department, believed the BRI h▓as

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